God says that when we give ourselves to Him, that we are FREE!!!!!!!! It sounds impossible!!!!!!!!……… Something so simple, that we all make so hard!!!!

  We were not meant to walk this journey alone., Afraid,Scared, depressed, sad, lonely, and I could go on and on……..Take advantage in the  gifts that we have in the Angels And all of the peace that they bring to us……

  I was a tough girl, for many many years…… I didn’t need anyone to help me, pay my bills, put food on the table,. I was a single mom, 3 fabulous boys,   for many years And disappointment and hurt was always around the corner waiting for me…….. Don’t  get me wrong , I adored my amazing sons and loved being a mom…. They actually were the only true Light in my life!!!!! BUT , I became very hard to the outside world And built a very sturdy wall around me. So no one could  hurt me again….( Daddy issues and always seemed to pick the wrong men )…….. But, What a lie that was…..I had built that wall so sturdy and strong , but it would always come tumbling down when the load became too heavy to carry alone…….  If only I realized then , my best friends, my truth ( the Angels) were there the whole time just waiting  patiently for me to ASK them to come into my heart and my life…….

  There had to be more than heartache and setbacks and I was determined to Release and Let go! 

  The Angels told me that I was beautifully broken and that I was worthy of love and that it was safe to love and to be loved……. I had a lot of work ahead of me, nothing comes easy!!!! But the more I hung out and learned from the Angels the more I couldn’t wait to start my new life…..

  You see, sometimes we need to die to the old to become the new 🌼………..

  What an amazing new chapter I was starting…….

  God and the Angels made me New with there love, their hopes , joys and their peace …… Death was put behind bars and My life began!!!!!

  Life is not easy, but please always know that if you release and let go and lay it at Gods feet , of Anything that is not serving you, life just seems so Amazing, full of all of Gods blessings……

  🌼ALLELUIA, death has lost its grip on me!!!!!!🌼 

  Ask your Angels for anything that you need, release, let go and start to live!!!!! 

  💋Stay Fabulous💋!!!!


Angelic Medium 👼



God has a solution before you even have the problem. Don’t EVER lose Hope….. Good things are coming even when you can’t see.

Each step you take God will make a way…. Believe me, I have walked through the valley of death, lived through the heat of the fire, questioned everything I have believed in at times, but I can say that God restores all and everything!! It’s easy to get lost in this world. This world can also sometimes feel very lonely. Sometimes it takes a lot of Faith to believe that this madness and the struggles we endure will ever end. But, I believe that we will never fall if we just all walk hand in hand.


God will take all that is wrong and make it right. Stand your ground and persevere and never lose hope. No matter what you face, in time, God will make it right 🥰

Throw your hands up and your worries down . Break up with all of your doubts , fears, guilts, anxieties, worries. Anything that does not SERVE you that you are holding in so tightly to, RELEASE AND LET THEM GO to God. I want everyone to know the God that I know. Even when you are in the middle of a struggle, or when all Hope feels lost, God and His Magestic Angels are with you.

Remember, no matter what you have done, you can’t erase Gods Love for you ❤️ …. you don’t need to be perfect to go before The Father, He wants you to come before Him just as you are…..

He is Worthy!!!!! Alleluia 👼❤️♥️



Spiritual Life Coach/ Angelic Medium 👼


Just another Wednesday/workday  at the Salon , I thought, as I pulled into the parking lot, or so I thought 😉………………

As I got ready that morning, I invited my Divine Angels to be with me.  There is not a more peaceful feeling for me then knowing that Gods Army Is walking this daily journey/path with me.   Remember , you need to ask the  Angels of the Divine to be with you each and everyday.  We all have free will.  So, you freely need to ask them to be with you…….  Say something like this:

Archangels and Angels of The Divine be with me now, Thank You……………..Now, You are covered for the day.

We are supposed to lay ALL of our worries, burdens, anxieties, etc , at Gods feet, release and let go.   Take your burdens to the Angels, let them carry your load……. That’s what I did this specific morning……..

So, I asked The Divine Angels that morning to take the financial stress/burden, that I soooo heavily carry, away from me.  I Released and Let go of all financial worries for that day.  I freely believed that my Angels would come through for me.   I also asked my best friends/Divine Angels, to bring me quick cash, prosperity, big tips for that day.  I thanked My Angels and walked toward the door to start my work day.

As I walked up to the front desk To walk out a client, I noticed a crumbled up piece of paper on  the floor.  I bent down, picked it up, uncrumbled it, and to my surprise was a Keno ticket 🎫 !  My first thought was, “Could The Angels really have come through for my request to them earlier?”  “Maybe this was a WINNING Ticket!”- But, not me!  I don’t have luck like that!! There’s no way this ticket was a winner!!!  (Oh, how easily we all put out the wrong Energy sometimes. ) I immediately thought,  “whatever is  meant to be,  it will happen”

I got busy with my day and totally forgot about the Keno ticket I found earlier.  As the day came to a close, after cancellations most of the day, it wasn’t at all a very prosperous day…….

Oh well, I thought.  But then, I suddenly remembered the Keno ticket I found on the ground earlier.  So, I pull up the Lotto App on my phone and pull out the Keno ticket to scan.   My Magestic Angels pulled a good one on me.  I was completely flabbergasted to find out that the ticket I found on the ground was a WINNER OF $80!!!!  Complete JOY, HOPE, LOVE, PEACE!!!

My Magestic Army, Angels of the Divine, heard my cry for help that morning and validated Their presence and Gods Love to me through a crumbled up Keno ticket  lying on the ground……..

Please don’t walk this journey alone.  My Divine Angels, are also YOUR Divine Angels.  Ask for help, Release and Let Go.  Count every Blessing and know that all it takes to have God’s Army with you , as you tackle each day, is to ASK them……..

Let Go and Trust what you cannot see, then Believe 👼


💋Stay Fabulous


Angelic Medium/ Spiritual Life Coach 👼





LOVE is a smile

LOVE is forgiveness

LOVE is freeing

LOVE is healing

LOVE is safe

LOVE is Gods promise

LOVE is unconditional


A lovely woman I know, Arlene, showed me today the meaning of LOVE.  A simple act of LOVE today from my friend, touched me so much, I felt the need to share with all of you ♥️

I arrived at the Salon this morning From being off the day before from not feeling well……A smile on my face , LOVE in my heart and eager to bring a smile to all, as I started my day ……Walking to my station and noticed there was a paper on it , and wondering what it was.  I picked it up and starting to read.  This is what I read:

image   Needless to say, Arlene’s choice to show me LOVE in that simple act, made me tear up and filled me with GODS Smile, Forgiving, Freeing,Healing, Safe, Promising, and Unconditional LOVE 💕

Its a CHOICE……….What will you Choose?

I feel blessed to call her my friend.  Thank you Arlene for making the choice that morning to LOVE 💗

💋Stay Fabulous💋


Spirital Life Coach/Angelic Medium 👼


Saturday May 4, 2019.


Release and let go of any Blame that you carry……Blame focuses on on our past.  The Angels have taught me to ONLY  take the LOVE and LESSONS learned with me from my past.  Instead, the Angels empower you to vision a Bright Today and Tomorrow for yourself and for your loved ones.

You have the Free Will to chose what path you are currently on and the path for the future…. Ask the Divine Angels to help you pull away from feeling victimized from others that you feel are controlling you.

It is time to take responsibility for who you choose to be, how you live your life, and your happiness!!!!!

Only YOU can change your life.  You do not need anyone’s permission to take charge of your destiny.  Trust and love yourself enough to follow your intuitions and feelings to take the Divine path that will bring you Gods LOVE, PEACE, HOPE and JOY 🥰


By you committing to your life‘s purpose, staying positive and following Divine  guidance you will be fully supported by the Divine. It seems to me that you have outgrown or feel stuck in a job.  You are hesitant about leaving  this profession that once fascinated you, because of the financial security that you have. It does not give you the rewards or satisfaction  that you once were attracted to.  You feel stale, unsatisfied and long for the work day to come to an end.

You are actually pondering and thinking of how to build financial  security from a spiritually-based business.

Go to your Angels and asked for guidance that is accurate and trustworthy  in reference to your Dreams and passions.  You have to remember, that Angels were created by our Lord to serve and help us humans. They have no sense of judgment, they only have your best interest , your happiness, and your  peace of mind at heart.

Look at your Divine  Angels as trusting friends, business partners, coworkers,  who will Guide you down your purposeful path to your Divine Light-and Passion 🥰

Tell the Angels your hearts desires .  When they answer you, it will come as a strong and recurring feelings, ideas and sings.   Nothing is coincidental, everything has a meaning and purpose, so stay aware. Your answers will come this way and if you were unsure of which path to take, ask the Angels for validation and clarification.

Remember, because of our free will, we need to invite our Divine Angels in and give them permission to help us on this journey.









I have learned from the Divine Angels that writing is an Art not a science. So, therefore I am not expecting for my blog to be perfect. But, My Italian, Leo ego tells me differently.

My ego has always whispered my fears, and insecurities to me, which in return has caused me to procrastinate about moving forward towards my passions and purpose. You see, the Darkness can keep you idle, bored, stale and comfortable with where u are in your life. Maybe not where u want to be in life, but it’s just easier to stay there, safe……with that brings boredom, staleness, depression……But, you know there is more, you just don’t know where to find it.

The purpose of your life is to serve others in a way that brings yourself and others great Joy, that is your passion. We need not worry about finding our purpose…..Instead focus on SERVING a purpose, then your purpose will SERVE you. Example, I am serving my purpose thru writing my blog. it brings me great joy and hopefully brings others joy. So in return by writing my blog and serving my purpose, it in return it is serving me. ( hopefully that made sense, lol)

All I know is that I am not alone! What Peace and Hope that brings to me!

We all need to Remember Who We Are! We are all a “Masterpiece” in the works. When you feel negative, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, ugly, depressed, alone, sad, defeated, worthless, afraid, and so on, go back to Remember Who You Are!!!

We are all made in the image and likeness of our Lord God.!!!!We all have an inner Divine light that is pure and only knows truth. Nothing, not sin, not guilt ,not fear-NOTHING can undo the perfection that God intended for you!

Gods Divine Angels helped me to wipe away all of my stains. And for me to remember that God is not done with me yet!

You see, Gods Divine Angels were created to serve our Lord and to help us humans….. They showed me how to see “in color” instead of black and white……. Angels have no sense of judgement, they only know how to “Love”. But, we need to INVITE them into our lives, if we want them to be with us.

Count every blessing you have, let go and trust even when you can’t see the outcome.

Gods Divine Army tells me that ” I am a child of God”. I am chosen, not forsaken.

I am completely Captivated by the unseen 👼. I have never felt such peace, hope, Joy or love!!!! All of this time Gods Magestic Angels have been with me, only waiting for me to invite them in. I will never walk alone again! Trust me, God has a plan…..Ask God to awaken your heart and invite The Divine Angels in every day…..

When fear and hopelessness is knocking at your door and you feel like you cant hold on, remember God makes beauty out of ashes! God will find you, in his perfect timing ! Don’t let the fear make you feel alone, ask the Divine Angels to be with you……EVERY DAY, say

“Archangels and Angels of the Divine, come to me now, thank you. “. They are with you as soon as u give them permission 👼

We are all broken In one way or another.. Feeling undeserving, unworthy. You see, just remember that the First will be last and the Last get a crown 👑 …….

Start somewhere, ask the Angels of the Divine to be with you every day………Invite them into your life, get to know them personally, tell them your desires, your needs, your passions……Gods Magestic Angels were created for us Humans, to guide us, help us, love us. Nothing is to small or to big for them.

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE…..Even if your hands are dirty and all u have to offer is a broken “Alleluia”! Remember, God sees you dressed in white, irreplaceable, beautiful , a diamond , a pearl!

Put your Angels to work……no matter how big or small, we weren’t meant to walk this path alone! It’s time to start again, it’s time to Trust…..

🥰Stay Fabulous


Angelic Medium🥰

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👑I AM A CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING👑,……What FREEDOM  we all have in God…… What I mean by that is , when we fully surrender ourselves, Freely , to our Lord, only then will we experience true Peace, Joy, Hope and Love…

You see, God wants us to come to Him as we are.  God tells us there is a seat at His table waiting for us…. Perfection is not required to have a relationship with the Father.

A very special person asked Me the other day, “Paula, why are you putting all of your dirty laundry out  in your Blog?”  I will say I was taken back by his question, because , you see to me that is not at all what I am doing.

My life completely changed about 3 1/2 years ago when my fiancé committed suicide. There are no words for the devastation, guilt, and sadness that I carried.  WHY would  he do that?  Why didn’t I know something was very wrong with him, enough to stop him from such a selfish and heinous act?

My darkness began at that very moment when he pulled the trigger.

I always knew since a little girl that I was different, special, gifted .  Not knowing then what I know now about my gifts.  But, I always knew from about the age of 7-8, that I had a big job to do for God.

I truly believe that the trauma  I went thru losing Mike in such an abrupt and unexpected way, brought my gifts of Clairvoyance and Angelic communication to the surface.  Something I stuffed deep away as a child out of fear (my gifts), exploded to the surface!!! NOTHING, I mean NOTHING would have stopped it. It was God’s timing .  Gods perfect timing!

It was time for me to start that big job God intended on me to do. Feeling confused, afraid, unsure of what was happening to me, Gods Magestic Angels started to whisper in my ear.  “Ask  Us to help you”, I heard repeatedly.  Was I loosing my mind?  Normal people don’t see, hear, feel, experience Angels.  I was communicating with ANGELS!!!!!  I knew then, at that moment, my Purpose, my Passion was beginning……..

My beautiful friends, my Divine Angels,  have taught me the true meaning of Gods Love.  My soul, my spirit, was awakened……..

You see, I created my Blog to share my story, my experiences, my hopes, my dreams……..that is, through the Dark and the Light………

My Purpose, which has now  become my Passion, is to become a Spiritual Life coach…..   At 51, I finally know what I want to do when I grow up, lol 😂

I hope by sharing my , “dirty laundry, “  You find Gods Peace, Joy, Hope and His Love!!!!!



Angelic Medium